Child Protection

From our start as an orphanage and child protection center, Mountains of Hope has grown to support entire communities and people of all ages. However, we always work with children in mind. We believe that by organizing improved healthcare, education, food security opportunities to meet the  needs of communities, we can create ecosystems of care to make sure kids grow up healthy and strong. We work with local leaders- from parents to teachers, doctors to government officials to ensure that every child is supported as they grow.


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First Aid Kits for Primary Schools - ACTIVE

Only 1% of schools in Uganda have first aid kits and a trained nurse present. As a result, kids with minor injuries or colds are sent home form school, disrupting their education. We plan to distribute 40 first aid kits and train school teachers on basic first aid to help them keep students safe, healthy, and in school.

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Healthcare on Wheels - PENDING

Often times, ill children and families in rural Uganda are unable to find transportation to health clinics in Urban areas. Additionally, they are much less likely to attend regular health check-ups. We are in the process of purchasing motorbikes for pediatric physicians so that they can check-up and care for the children we work with.

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Child Protection Committees - FUNDING COMPLETE

Mountains of Hope partners with local community leaders to establish child protection committees that monitor and report instances of abuse. Often times, child abuse goes unnoticed or unreported because community members aren't sure who to reach out to for support or file a claim. Mountains of Hope strives to inform the whole community about how to prevent abuse and elect local leaders to be a point of contact for instances of abuse.

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Blankets for Children Living in Poverty - FUNDING COMPLETE

We will provide 50 mothers with clean, warm blankets to care for their newborn babies and growing children.

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Access to Quality Education

We believe that education is the gateway to a better future. That's why Mountains of Hope make sure that the children in our communities have good, safe schools that they can afford to attend. Unfortunately, many barriers currently exist for children in Mpigi, Uganda, to attend school. Many don't have funds to pay for fees, uniforms, or books, or access to computer skills or electricity for doing their homework at night. We seek to work with parents and teachers to make sure that every child has what they need to be successful.


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Building an Orphanage and Primary School - ACTIVE

Our most exciting ongoing project is the construction of a primary school for 200 students and an accompanying boarding section, orphanage, gardens, and piggery. We hope to create a safe space where children from families of all income levels and circumstances can come to learn and grow. Currently, we are working towards our goal of reaching full capacity, including 20 boarding students and 10 children at the orphanage.


Often times, orphanages and schools in rural Uganda shut down within the first few years because they run out of funding and resources. That's why we are also constructing a school farm and piggery where we can grow food for the children and teachers to eat, and sell our surplus for additional funding. The farm and piggery will also teach our students practical skills as over 90% of adult Ugandans rely on farming as their primary form of income.


As the school grows, we also plan to open a Technical Institute for graduates who do not plan on attending university to learn trade-based skills such as engineering, sewing, and salon management. That way, they can start or join businesses and break the cycles of poverty in the communities we work in.


We hope that each piece of our future orphanage, school, and community center will provide the children and communities we work with with the resources and support they need to thrive. Please consider supporting our vision, your donation will make a world of a difference.

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Child Sponsorship Project - ACTIVE

Mountains of Hope believes that all children deserve a quality education. Please see our "Sponsor a Child" page for more information about the work we do to support education and how you can help.

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Computer Training Program - ACTIVE

Students in rural Uganda rarely have access to computers, preventing them from learning the computer skills required to succeed in high school or university. We offer computer skills trainings including practice on the Internet, Microsoft Office, and general computer literacy. These practical skills help children to excel not only in school, but also their future workplaces and general life.

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Solar Lamps for Students - FUNDING COMPLETE

Many of the children we support live far from their schools and have many cooking, cleaning, and caring duties when they return home. As a result, the students are unable to complete their school work during the daylight hours, leaving them behind their peers. Because girls frequently have more household duties, they are even less likely to finish homework. We provide solar lamps to children so they can continue their work after dark and excel in school.

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School Uniforms, Books, Soccer Balls, and Shoes for Students - FUNDING COMPLETE

While the Ugandan government pays for school fees for many children, they do not provide these children with scholastic materials that would enable them to succeed in school. Books, pencils, paper, toiletries and even school uniforms are deemed unnecessary for the government to provide. Many children live in poverty stricken homes with guardians that cannot afford these scholastic materials. By providing funds to purchase these materials, children will feel empowered to continue their schooling.

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Reproductive Health

Regions of rural Uganda have some of the highest female school drop out rates in the world. Many of these dropouts are the result of teenage marriage or pregnancy, or insufficient access to sanitary pads. We teach entire communities about the importance of keeping girls healthy and in school through trainings about menstruation management, making reusable sanitary pads, and teenage poverty reduction. We also keep expectant mothers and their babies safe by holding trainings about prenatal and early childhood health.


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Menstruation Management and Pad Making Trainings - ACTIVE

In rural Uganda, many women and girls struggle to pay for food or education, let alone menstrual pads. As a result, most use old news papers, leaves, banana fibers, rugs, sponges to manage their periods. Most do not have enough money to buy sanitary pads or are too fearful to ask their fathers or husbands to purchase them. There are also many myths about menstruation in Uganda, including that a girl on her period will curse anyone she meets or can bring bad luck to her school or workplace. As a result, many women and girls have to remain at home during menstruation. For less than $1 USD a girl can sew her own reusable sanitary pad that can last for up to a year. Each week, we host 2-day trainings at community centers to dispel the myths about menstruation and teach attendees how to make their own pads. We include men and boys as well so that they learn how to support women and girls on their periods. Thus far, we have taught 300 individuals to make and use their own pads, which they can continue to make into the future. In addition to offering a more sanitary method of menstruation management, the pads can also provide a source of income to women. Many have started their own businesses selling the pads and support their families or pay for school tuition with the funds. Furthermore, owning pads protects girls from dropping out, because they miss school while on their periods, or marrying early. Many girls date and are impregnated by older men who can purchase pads for them, an issue avoided through the project.

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Teenage Pregnancy Reduction Trainings - ACTIVE

As of now, teenage pregnancy is a large contributing factor as to why many young girls are not completing their schooling. Many teenage girls are not involved with any discussion about reproductive health, creating a vague, glooming mystery about their bodies. This project will promote and facilitate discussion about pregnancy among girls, parents, and school leaders. Parents and teachers will be trained to create a comfortable, supportive environment where girls can ask and discuss anything they want.

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Reusable Pads for School Girls - FUNDING COMPLETE

This project will provide 50 rural school girls with a packet of sanitary pads to keep them in school for a year. Last year GlobalGiving donors supported 80 girls with these pads in our community. Sanitary pads are very important for girls to have because these prevent them from missing school when they are menstruating. When girls start missing school they are far more likely to be exposed to other risks such as early pregnancy and marriage and HIV/AIDS.

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Birth Kits for Teenage Mothers - FUNDING COMPLETE

Teenage pregnancy is very prominent in our communities, especially for the girls that have limited access to resources and guidance. As a result, when these girls become pregnant, they are found alone and vulnerable with no medical resources or people to comfort them in their time of stress. While Mountains of Hope strives to prevent teenage pregnancy from ever occurring, we cannot abandon the girls who do become pregnant. For example, Joy is a 17 year old orphan who was raped and is now pregnant. The rapist was arrested and is now in court, a process that is painful and triggering for Joy to suffer through. Without a family to comfort or support her, Joy needs the attention of counselors to overcome this obstacle.

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Environmental Protection

The health of the environment in the communities we work with is of utmost importance for the success of our projects. Many individuals aren't aware of the destruction their farming techniques, deforestation, and charcoal stoves cause. That's why we teach farmers and families about sustainable farming techniques, clean stoves, solar energy, water protection, and fruit tree planting. We seek to not only protect the environment, but also the health, businesses, and wellbeing of the people living within it.


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Water Purifiers for Hundreds of Homes - ACTIVE

Currently, the majority of Ugandans drink untreated water, resulting in widespread illness and death, especially among children. In Mpigi, Uganda, almost all rural households fetch water from standing and polluted sources and then leave it untreated. Currently, only 1% boil their water or treat it in other ways. As a result, illness is very prevalent, preventing children from attending school and adults from working or caring for their families. Our locally-produced water filters remove impurities and make once-polluted water safe and clean. The clay filters are easy to use and transport and are very inexpensive. In comparison to using disposable water bottles or boiling water on a charcoal stove, our filters also use much less energy and contribute less to environmental degradation.

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Fruit Tree Planting - ACTIVE

In rural Uganda, most families are unable to purchase enough safe food, water, shelter or healthcare. As a result, many sell their fruit trees to international companies for lumber. This makes it even more difficult for families to get enough food, and contributes to environmental degradation. Reduced plant cover already contributes to dramatic climate changes in Uganda which in turn negatively impacts crop productivity. 100 households will each receive 5 fruit trees so that they can sell the produce and increase plant cover in Uganda. They will also receive training on how to care for the trees, how to sell the fruit, and the importance of protecting the environment.

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Solar Panels to Power Students' Computers - ACTIVE

We power our office and computer training center with solar panels. This not only reduces our ecological footprint but also gives us a steady stream of reliable power. The electricity in Mpigi is very irregular and expensive, so purchasing a solar system has allowed us to provide reliable Internet services and computer trainings to the community.

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Training Youth to Make and Use Energy-Saving Stoves - FUNDING COMPLETE

As part of an initiative to create meaningful contributions to child-wellbeing and community empowerment, Mountains of hope will introduce creative program to train 50 youth in energy saving stove making, they will be able to make these at an affordable cost in their community, especially to the poorest in selected families. Each household is expected to have energy saving stove, this will reduce on forest depletion in the name of making charcoal for cooking.

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Food Security and Nutrition

We know that a healthy child is a happy child. That's why we focus on making sure that children, and their schools and families, have access to nutritious foods. Through tangible food distributions and trainings on healthy meals, we hope to decrease rates of malnutrition, increase school attendance, and promote wellbeing in the communities we support.

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Piggery to Reduce Poverty - ACTIVE

Can you dig the pig? Our piggery has a HUGE impact on the surrounding community and we want YOU to get involved! We are in the process of constructing a primary school and orphanage for vulnerable children living in Mpigi, Uganda. Many such institutions close within the first few years because they run out of funding or sponsorships. By selling piglets and pork, our piggery supports many of our current projects. We plan to expand it on the land next to the school to ensure that our efforts have sustainable funding. That's where YOU come in! You can adopt a piglet in our piggery and see all of the benefits it brings as it grows. The children at our school will learn tangible pig-keeping skills, practice business and book-keeping techniques, and eat the nutritious meat. Additionally, when piglets are born, they will be given to other families in the community so they can start their own businesses. When you adopt a pig, you will receive a birth certificate and pig-letter- (complete with a "pignature" of course!) from your new pal! "Adopting" a piglet a great way to support our community and makes a perfect gift for a child or friend. Also, check out our pig stickers- 100% of the proceeds go to the piggery!

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Promoting Food Security in Agricultural Communities - ACTIVE

This project will increase food production of 10,000 households through provision of agricultural extension services, farm inputs and credit facility. It will also improve farming methods of farmers so as to bring about increase in agricultural production and ensure food security. The project will sensitize, mobilize communities into groups and train them in income generating activities and provide credit to farmers

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Mothers Fighting Malnutrition Trainings - FUNDING COMPLETE

In the rural communities we support, mothers frequently struggle to provide their children with healthy foods they need to grow up strong. Many feed their kids simple carbohydrates and low-nutrient foods to fill them up, even though more nutrient dense fruits and vegetables are available. As a result, malnutrition and childhood illness are widespread, preventing many kids from excelling in school. We teach mothers and families about the Go, Glow, and Grow foods and how they can easily obtain them so that they can keep their children healthy.

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Providing Meals to Schools - FUNDING COMPLETE

There are over 800,000 students who receive government funding for their school fees but have no means of purchasing lunches for school. As a result, these kids miss class to either look for food or work additional jobs to buy meals. We provide porridge and other food to over 500 students at 5 primary schools so they don't miss school and can stay attentive in class.

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