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Monday - Saturday

8 AM to 8 PM



1 hour - 1300 UGX

50 minutes - 1100 UGX

30 minutes - 700 UGX

25 minutes - 600 UGX

20 minutes - 500 UGX

15 minutes - 400 UGX

10 minutes - 300 UGX


Pay 190,000 UGX to own a surf card valid for 30 days, surf 5 hours a day, gain 45 minutes bonus at first surf or last surf.


Pay 73,000 UGX to own a surf card valid for 30 days, surf 2 hours a day, gain 30 minutes bonus at first surf or at last surf


Pay 35,000 UGX to own a surf card valid for 30 days, surf 2 hours a day, gain 30 minutes bonus at first surf or at last surf.

About Our Computer Center

The Mountains of Hope office is home to eight desktop computers with Internet capabilities and Microsoft Office 2007. Donors from GlobalGiving enabled the purchase of these computers in 2015.


Especially in rural areas, access to computers and Internet is challenging to find. We strive to improve the accessibility of technology in Mpigi by allowing public access to these computers during office hours from 8 am to 8pm, Monday through Saturday.


Computer Training

Some students in our community have never had access to a computer. Therefore, they are unprepared for the rigors of using a computer to complete their university education. Mountains of Hope provides computer trainings to students who have had very little access to them in the past. By doing so, we hope to improve the student’s ability to succeed in school. Additionally, computer skills are crucial in obtaining a job within the International community. Our hope is to provide students with better opportunities for employment to support them on their journey to achieving a better lifestyle.


Our 70 hour comprehensive computer training teaches students a variety of courses: basics of computer usage, using the Internet, Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Each course takes two weeks, and by the end of the course, the student’s proficiency is assessed with a test. Upon completion of the courses the student wants to take, we give them a certificate to prove their competency. This can be presented to employers to show the student’s understanding of computers and their necessary software.


If interested, students should come to Mountains of Hope office any time during business hours and enroll in the courses they are interested in taking. Each student must take at least three courses to earn a certificate.


If you have any questions, please submit an inquiry form or check out the Facebook page for our Internet Cafe. We are happy to help!

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P.O. Box 182, Mpigi, Uganda

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